In this night and in this hour, I call upon the ancient powers. Bring your power to we sisters three, we want the power, give us the power.

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Selena Gomez at the premiere of ‘Behaving Badly’

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Title: Sparks After The Sunset (With Sarah Lynn)
Artist: Cosmic Gate
Album: Start To Feel
Played: 66 times
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Believe me, I don’t wanna end up the way everyone else said I would: dead or alone or a loser.

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Um, Phoebe, I’ll call you back. I have to go yell at myself.

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MAKE ME CHOOSEbenswhishaws asked chris evans or chris hemsworth?

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I know you want me to accept what you’re saying on faith because you’re a man of faith, but I believe in sequences and patterns and this sequence doesn’t end well unless something disrupts the pattern.

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Title: Blackout (My Only Love)
Artist: Pixie Lott ft. Ke$ha
Played: 274 times
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Ashley Tisdale showed support for ‘Chasing The Sun’ on Twitter today!

Ashley Tisdale showed support for ‘Chasing The Sun’ on Twitter today!

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leafia133 wrote:
"Do you not like teen wolf?"

While I’m not a fan Teen Wolf, no disrespect to it’s fans, I have mutuals and friends who love it, I just personally don’t agree categorizing it with Charmed, in any way, is all. Charmed is in an ENTIRELY different league than TW. But hey, that’s just me.

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